Politicians should be held to the saME standards as the rest of us.

And that means real consequences when they don’t show up to do the job we elected them to do.

When politicians are elected, they take an oath of office, promising to follow the constitution, do their job, and serve Oregonians. But for the past several years, certain politicians in Salem have repeatedly walked off the job, refused to show up to work and shut down the legislature, stopping laws to fund our schools, provide wildfire relief, address climate change, prevent gun violence, and more.
Oregonians have had enough! It’s time to hold no-show politicians accountable. The Hold Politicians Accountable campaign will ensure that any politician who has ten unexcused absences from the job they were elected to do won’t be able to run for re-election. Ten strikes, and you’re out!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this measure hold politicians accountable?


Any lawmaker who fails to attend 10 floor sessions in a single legislative session without providing a reason for the absence ahead of time will be disqualified from holding office the following term. That means they won’t be able to run for re-election at the end of their four-year or two-year term.

When regular people refuse to show up to work, there’s a good chance we would lose our jobs. If a politician doesn’t want to show up to do the job they were elected to do, there should be real consequences for them as well.

All Oregonians have been impacted by walkouts from no-show politicians. Politicians have walked off the job to prevent school funding. They have walked off the job to prevent action on crime reduction and gun safety. They have walked away from their duties, leaving funding for affordable housing, COVID relief, public health measures, wildfire mitigation, and more all in the lurch.

The heads of each legislative chamber, the Senate President or Speaker of the House, work with non-partisan staff to approve excused absences submitted by lawmakers.

Trusted organizations and leaders throughout Oregon support the Hold Politicians Accountable measure, like teachers, nurses, firefighters, advocates and more. Check out our endorsement page for the full list.

There’s currently no formal opposition to this initiative.

A History of No-Show Politicians in Oregon

January, 2022

Advocates begin collecting signatures on the Hold Politicians Accountable measure, so there will finally be real consequences for politicians who abandon their oaths of office.

September, 2021

Lawmakers spend days refusing to show up to a special session on redistricting because they want the new district lines to be gerrymandered. Eventually, they return to work, but only when they think they are more likely to win re-election under the new proposed lines.

February, 2021

Repeatedly during the 2021 legislative session, progress on meaningful legislation grinds to a halt when no-show politicians decide not to show up to work. These lawmakers choose to walk away from their duties to make political statements, rather than showing up to craft policies addressing our state’s most urgent needs, like creating more housing to solve homelessness or helping our economy recover from the pandemic.

February, 2020

A group of lawmakers once again walks off the job for nearly all of the 2020 legislative session, meaning that only 2 laws were passed out of hundreds proposed. These no-show politicians are hiding from their duties out of state when the first COVID cases were confirmed in Oregon.

June, 2019

Nearly half of the Oregon State Senate walks off the job in order to prevent the state from taking action on climate change. News reports confirmed that several of the missing senators are fishing in Idaho, golfing in Arizona, and hiding in other out-of-state locations. The climate action bill eventually dies without a vote.

May, 2019

As the legislature is preparing to approve the biggest influx of funding for our K-12 schools in three decades, a handful of no-show lawmakers are nowhere to be found. The vote is delayed by several days. Upon their return, lawmakers promise not to walk away from their duties again that year.