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July 5, 2022

A measure to curb legislative walkouts has qualified for Oregon’s November ballot


May 7, 2019

Oregon Republicans No-Show At Vote On $2 Billion Tax, Shutting Senate Down


January 23, 2019

Oregon Republicans are still on the lam to avoid voting on a major climate change bill


June 28, 2019

Oregon Climate Walkout Left Republicans in Hiding, Statehouse in Disarray

The New York Times

January 24, 2020

Poll Results Suggest Oregonians Favor Political Consequences for Republican Walkout Tactics

Willamette Week

February 25, 2020

Oregon Republicans walk out again over environmental bill


April 5, 2020

Oregon's 2020 Legislative Session Ends With Little To Show After Republican Walkout


May 18, 2021

Republicans a no-show as committee contemplates Republican no-shows


October 22, 2021

Oregon Senate Republicans select a new leader as more walkouts potentially loom


March 15, 2021

New poll shows Oregon voters support proposals to punish lawmakers who boycott the Capitol

The Oregonian